Epic Tavern: An Ale Filled Preview

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An RPG where you're both quest giver and tavern manager. Addicting from your first mug of ale.

Hyperkinetic Studios flips the role in the fantasy management RPG Epic Tavern. Guide Stash was able to get hands-on with Epic Tavern at PAX West 2019 and it left quite an impression.

Tavern Masters Tale

The world of RPGs always puts you in the role of the adventurer. Epic Tavern does the opposite of that and makes you the most important character of all: The tavern owner.

Set in the land of Beor, you play as a humble tavern owner who must befriend adventures over a mug of ale or a plate of barbecued rat. Your tavern is the center of the world and how well you serve your adventures determines how reputable your establishment is. Recruiting adventurers is key to the tavern’s survival.

After recruiting adventurers, you will send them on quests that benefit the tavern. Some quests might give you a new menu item to serve, help expand the size of your tavern, or open new shops to aid your adventures.

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Choices on how you approach certain quests are remembered by your adventurers. Even quests you fail have an impact on the world and your tavern’s patrons. Keeping the ale flowing is also key to keeping everyone happy.

Epic Tavern Preview

I had never heard of Epic Tavern before PAX West 2019, but it is one of the many games that made a big impression. Being a fan of RPGs, I was excited to hear Hyperkinetic take on the challenge of putting the player in the shoes of the quest giver. This aspect has really stuck with me since playing Epic Tavern and it isn’t the only one.

Another aspect I enjoyed with my time with Epic Tavern is the role of business manager. After your adventurers return from their quest, the management side of the tavern comes into play.

Making sure your inventory is fully stocked and your menu is set is key to keeping more patrons coming in and learning more about them. An adventurer who has had more to drink is willing to share more information about themselves.

Epic Tavern is definitely a must-play for fans of RPGs, and Hyperkinetic is serious about hearing from their community since it is still in early access on Steam. Make sure to keep an eye on our PAX West 2019 coverage.

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Epic Tavern (2017)
PC (Microsoft Windows)

Run your Tavern and take hold of your destiny in the World of Beor. Epic Tavern is a PC video game, where YOU take on the righteous role and responsibility of a Tavernmaster. You will build a legendary Tavern to attract Heroes from every corner of Beor. By bringing together courageous parties and sending them off on dangerous [and oftentimes crazy] adventures, every decision you make will alter theirs and your own destiny in Epic Tavern!