Push to Talk: Episode 028 – The One About Who Won E3

By on Jun 18, 2019 at 10:30 am. Filed in Podcasts under Push to Talk.

In this extended post-E3 episode, Joe, Larryn, Jan, and Bill returning from a severe case of the man flu, discuss all the major announcements from E3 2019 and pick their winner of this year's biggest gaming show.

It’s the week after E3 2019 and as tired game journalists make their way home to dig through mountains of notes and interviews, the roundtable this week is full at Push to Talk. Bill has returned and is feeling much better, as can be seen by his feistily tearing apart some weak E3 Bingo cards. Larryn also joins the gang to discuss her predictions for E3 and their eventual outcome. Everyone dissects the significant announcements, ranging from Keanu Reeves’ secret appearance at the Microsoft briefing to the delay of Animal Crossing, and yet more Tom Clancy-inspired titles from Ubisoft.

We close the show with a healthy discussion about who makes the better open-world games and give a bit of caution about the ever-growing list of video game subscription services. Not like we’re heeding our own advice, but you’ll have it anyway. We hope you’re ready for an extra-long edition of our post-E3 coverage!

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Jan Ole Peek
Reviews Editor

Jan has been playing video games for nearly 30 years and been a passionate geek for the better part of his life. He's grown to become rather cranky, however, and tends to point out the things that annoy him in games more than the things he loves.