Push to Talk: Episode 018 – The One About BioWare

Push to Talk: Episode 018 – The One About BioWare

Jan, Joe, and Bill discuss Jason Schreier’s article about BioWare and Anthem, as well as games we immediately regretted playing and quickly abandoned.

Greetings, loyal listeners, if there are any of you left. Welcome to Episode 018 of the Push to Talk podcast titled The One About BioWare. If you’re keeping track, and I know you aren’t, it’s been almost two years since our last episode. For context, we were all playing the original Destiny, and Fortnite wasn’t really a thing. A lot has changed, including us. In addition to Jan and Bill, our good buddy, Joe, will be joining the podcast as the third host from this point forward.

Right, so on to the good stuff. This week the bulk of our time was spent talking about BioWare and Jason Schreier’s article on what went wrong with Anthem. There was a lot to unpack there, including a discussion about whether this is an isolated incident with a single studio or signs that there is a larger problem in the game development field.

After all that doom and gloom we moved on to discuss games that we immediately regretted playing and quickly abandoned. One pick won’t surprise you at all, but the other most certainly flies in the face of current trends. We’re all old, though, so our favorite games are unlikely to align with those of anyone who frequently watches Logan Paul YouTube videos.

It felt good to be back. Adding Joe to our core was a breath of fresh air and we’re already brainstorming what we’ll talk about on the next episode. Remember to hit us up on Twitter via Push to Talk if you want to leave some feedback, ask a question, or suggest a topic.