Where to Farm Hikou Prime Relics In Warframe

Where to Farm Hikou Prime Relics In Warframe

When you need to be quiet, but things still need to die, the Hikou Prime is there for you.

Hikou Prime Relics are back in Warframe. The Hikou Prime is a silent secondary weapon that involves throwing deadly space-ninja stars at your enemies. It has a fast fire rate, very high status chance, and is extremely accurate. For when you really need a good secondary weapon for missions where you just can’t afford to be heard, this is the weapon for you.

Which Rhino Prime Relics Do You Need?

In order to build Hikou Prime in your Foundry, you will need to farm the following Hikou Prime Relics:

Component Relic Rarity
Blueprint Neo R1 Common
Pouch Meso N6 Common
Stars Axi S3 Common

Where Should You Farm Prime Relics?

For Prime Vaults, how you get Relics is just a little different to how it would normally work. You still run missions, but they need to be very specific missions. You can get the formerly Vaulted Relics in two places:

  • Cetus and Orb Vallis Bounties
  • Void Missions

Running any Cetus or Orb Vallis Bounty will give you a chance at getting some Relics. Missions will drop specific Relics, listed shown as possible rewards at the Bounty Vendor in Cetus or Orb Vallis. Just run the mission that is dropping the Relic you need. They will change throughout the day, so check in regularly to see what is on offer.

The Void missions can drop any of the Relics, all you need to do is run one of them. The Capture mission is a good mission to grind, as it is so fast. It doesn’t seem to matter much which mission you run, they all have a change of dropping the newly unvaulted Relics.

What To Do After You Get Your Relics

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Once you have gathered up the Relics you need, you have to open them. To do this, go to your Navigation menu, and look in the top right. There will be a row of symbols there and the second from the right will bring you to the Void Fissures list. This list will contain random missions you can run to open the different Relic types. Load in, and make sure you do it in a public mission. Just play the mission, collect the Reagent that drops from dead enemies. Collect ten of them, then finish the mission to open the Relic. You can choose which item you want from any of the Relic that people are using for the mission, so choose wisely.

If you are looking for a specific item, you can head to the Recruiting tab in chat, and look for a group running the specific Relic type you want to open. This will give you the best chance of getting the component that you want quickly. Once you have all the components, just build them in the Foundry, which will take 12 hours. After that, build the Warframe, which will take three days. Then, enjoy leveling your new Hikou Prime!