Warframe’s Upcoming Empyrean Will Add Space Combat

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Digital Extremes teases ship-to-ship combat during the unveiling of Warframe: Empyrean at the PC Gaming Show at E3 2019.

Today’s PC Gaming Show at E3 2019 showcased a large variety of upcoming new games and additions for PC gamers. Digital Extremes community director Rebecca Ford was there to headline the next big iteration of Warframe. The new Empyrean expansion will introduce a new element to the game: space combat.

Warframe Empyrean Teaser Trailer

While the announcement trailer of Warframe’s “Next Leap Forward” was sparse on details, and Rebecca Ford was fairly tight-lipped about what to expect, ship-to-ship combat is clearly in Warframe’s future. This will bring an entirely new dimension to the free-to-play sci-fi shooter-looter, which is already far ahead of many of its competitors in terms of innovation.

Tennocon, Digital Extremes’ annual Warframe conference taking place in London, Ontario, Canada, will reveal more details when it kicks off on July 6. Whether you can attend in person, or watch the event live on Twitch, a Nekros Prime is up for grabs for those who link their Twitch accounts and watch.

Exciting things are in store for Warframe, and we’re looking forward to hearing more. Stay up to date with all the most crucial E3 2019 news right here at Guide Stash.

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