Warframe Marks 6th Birthday with In-Game Skins

Warframe Marks 6th Birthday with In-Game Skins

Warframe has had an outstanding year, and it would seem that the future for this space-based` looter-shooter is looking very bright indeed.

Warframe has reached the ripe old age of six years! Games age a bit like dogs in that they can age rather fast, and much like dogs, it is always sad to see one go. Thankfully for us, Warframe has managed to go from strength to strength over the years and arrives at its birthday looking better than ever, and with a bright future.

The game has a strong and passionate fan base, and there is a reason it is so loved. According to developer Digital Extremes, last year alone it had 26 updates and 111 hotfixes. The game also came to the Nintendo Switch, making it the fourth platform that you could be a space ninja on.

The dedication from Digital Extremes has paid off, and then some. In just a year between March 2018 and March 2019, they added another 12 million registered users, bringing them close to the 50 million mark. They also had more people playing daily, and monthly, that at any other time in the game’s life.

To celebrate a strong year, and their 6th Birthday, Digital Extremes is giving away some skins in the game. You will be able to grab a new skin for your Liset landing-ship, as well as the Dex Excalibur skin. Just log in on Wednesday, March 27 to snap them up.

Digital Extremes also shows no sign of slowing down. They are currently working on remastered versions of the Plains of Ediolon, and Gas City. They also have new content on the way in the form of The New War, and Railjack updates. With all this new content coming up, it seems the future for Warframe is very bright indeed.