Digital Extremes Reveals Upcoming Harrow Deluxe Skin

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Dearest Harrow, all your suffering will have been worthwhile when you look this pretty.

Digital Extremes, developer of Warframe, took to Twitter to show off a work-in-progress Harrow Deluxe Skin. Deluxe Skins are available in-game for Platinum, the game’s premium currency. They also tend to kick the character design up a notch or take it in a different direction completely. Harrow is somewhat of an interesting Warframe. His backstory and abilities involve a lot of sacrifice and suffering. This is present in his base design, as he looks like a space-monk.

Harrowing Stuff

The Harrow Deluxe skin takes him in a different direction. With this skin, Harrow looks like a powerful warrior who has managed to harness the power of the Void with his spirit. It certainly seems to focus more on where Harrow suffered, rather than just what he experienced. We’ll avoid any in-depth discussion here due to spoilers.

The Harrow Deluxe skin really is a gorgeous design. I like how it spins the character more towards a space-warlock vibe. This particular Deluxe skin is designed by Samuel Compain-Eglin, a senior character designer. If you check out his Artstation, you will see all sort of interesting work for Warframe, including the recently revealed horses.

While Deluxe skins may be a premium currency item, it is easy to actually earn the currency in-game. You can simply trade items with other players for Platinum. This means almost everything in the game can be purchased with good old grind power. The only exceptions to this are Tennogen skins. Tennogen is a program that allows people to design skins for the game, which can then be purchased through Steam. The game gets new Tennogen additions every couple of months.

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As yet, we do not have a release date for the Harrow Deluxe skin but will keep you updated when we learn more.

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