Volcanoids Gets Co-Op Mode in Latest Update

Volcanoids Gets Co-Op Mode in Latest Update

Commandeer a drillship and survive on a hostile volcanic island with up to three friends in the new co-op mode for Volcanoids.

Steampunk survival-shooter game Volcanoids recently received a new update that adds co-op mode to the game. Players can crew up with up to three other players to scavenge, build, and survive together as drillship crew members. Check out the co-op update release trailer for a look at the new mode in action.

Volcanoids Co-Op Mode

Volcanoids is a unique steampunk shooter game that attempts to add a unique twist to the survival genre. In Volcanoids, players travel to an island that has sustained a series of mysterious volcanic activity. The eruptions are caused by strange mechanical beings. As part of the game’s survival element, players must commandeer a drillship to dig into the ground when eruptions make the surface of the island uninhabitable.

When it is safe to resurface, players must explore the island in search of drillship upgrades and resources. Enhancing your drillship with new equipment and tech upgrades will give you an edge over the mechanical beings that have taken over the island.

The co-op update also brought new buildable drillship upgrades and various game improvements to Volcanoids. These include new worktables, bunk beds, and other useful items that will help you survive the hostile volcanic landscape.

Volcanoids is available on PC via Steam Early Access for $19.99. The game has received multiple free updates since its Early Access launch back in January 2019. According to the Volcanoids Steam page, the developers intend to release new content updates every month. Visit the update patch notes on Steam for a full list of changes from the latest Volcanoids update.