First-person Puzzle Game Viewfinder Revealed at The Game Awards

First-person Puzzle Game Viewfinder Revealed at The Game Awards

The reveal trailer showcases the perspective-shifting nature of Viewfinder.

During The Game Awards on Thursday, publisher Thunderful revealed Viewfinder, an upcoming first-person puzzle adventure currently in development at Sad Owl Studios. You can check out the reality-bending trailer below.

Viewfinder Reveal Trailer

Viewfinder presents a world composed of colorful photos, paintings, and images that can be used to transform the environment in various ways. Viewfinder features perspective-shifting gameplay mechanics reminiscent of games like The Witness and Gorogoa, resulting in unique puzzles for players to overcome.

“The game has come so far from the technical demo of 2020, we’re very happy to have explored how we can build an interesting game experience around this mechanic,” said Viewfinder Game Director, Matt Stark. “We want to make a game that’s accessible and appealing to people who wouldn’t usually like these types of games. There’s a lot of fun and silly things that we’re working on to add into the game.”

Viewfinder will release for PC and will be a PlayStation 5 console exclusive when it launches in 2023, though no release date has been specified just yet. Stay tuned for updates and check out the Viewfinder Steam page for more information.