Valheim’s Roadmap Plans Include Adding New Biomes and Bosses

Valheim’s Roadmap Plans Include Adding New Biomes and Bosses

A recent interview confirms that new biomes, bosses, building components, and more will be headed to Valheim in 2021.

Open-world Viking survival game Valheim launched into early access just over two weeks ago. Since then, developer Iron Gate Studios has revealed little about the game’s development plans beyond a vague roadmap listing names for several future updates. In a recent interview with PC Gamer, Iron Gate co-founder Henrik Törnqvist sheds light on the updates headed to Valheim in the year ahead.

Valheim Roadmap 2021

The Hearth and Home update is the first update listed on the Valheim roadmap for 2021. According to Törnqvist, this update will focus on house building, with a possible emphasis on food preparation. This means Valheim players can look forward to new recipes and building pieces in the game’s first content drop.

Törnqvist was considerably more vague regarding Valheim’s second update, titled Cult of the Wolf, during the PC Gamer interview. What we do know is that this update will be centered around exploration and combat.

Valheim’s third update, titled Ships and the Sea, will focus primarily on expanding different aspects of the ocean biome. Ship customization is among the new features Iron Gate has planned for this update.

Finally, there’s the Mistlands update, the fourth update for Valheim. It is during this update that the game will receive a new biome for players to explore. Along with the new biome comes new enemies, bosses, items, and resources. According to Törnqvist, each newly added biome will feature its own boss. “In the finished version of the game, there will be nine biomes with nine bosses,” Törnqvist said during the interview. “And then we’re also exploring adding mini-bosses and stuff like that.”

Valheim is currently available in early access on Steam for $19.99. The roadmap doesn’t mention any release times for the game’s upcoming updates. We will be sure to keep you apprised of any new details, so stay tuned to Guide Stash for more Valheim updates.