Trolley Problem, Inc. Arrives on PC in April

Trolley Problem, Inc. Arrives on PC in April

Challenge your moral compass, make tough decisions, and see how your choices compare to others.

Dark comedy narrative adventure Trolley Problem, Inc. will be headed to PC in April. The game was announced during the first ever Yogscast Games Direct showcase, which aired live on YouTube earlier today. Trolley Problem, Inc. is being published by Yogscast Games and is developed by the executive producer of Gang Beasts, Samuel Read-Graves.

Named after the philosophical thought experiment, Trolley Problem, Inc. is a narrative game that tasks players with making decisions about various tough ethical dilemmas. As a new recruit of Trolley Problem, Inc., your job will depend on how well you choose to handle each scenario. Check out the introduction trailer below for a look at how this works in the game.

Trolley Problem, Inc. Announce Trailer

Trolley Problem, Inc. features 55 thought-provoking questions based on ethical dilemmas from actual philosophical papers, which are also included in the game as reference material. Players can look up the written works in-game and can even bookmark them for later. After each question, players can see how their choice compares to other players.

“We’re taking genuine ethical and philosophical dilemmas and bringing them to a whole new audience, in a form which can only be possible in a game,” said Read-Graves. “I cannot wait to start seeing how the world votes on some morally difficult questions – it’s going to be really interesting to see the world’s moral compass take shape.”

With an estimated run time of just under two hours, Trolley Problem, Inc. is not a very long game, but it is designed to spark discussion around serious moral and ethical problems. While the game can be played alone, those who stream the game on Twitch can enjoy specific integrations that allow streamers to work through each question with their viewers.

Trolley Problem, Inc. will arrive on PC in April for $10.99 USD. Visit the game’s Steam page for more details and stay tuned to Guide Stash for updates.