Torn Away Tells a War Story From a Child’s Perspective

Torn Away Tells a War Story From a Child’s Perspective

Experience WWII from the eyes of a young refugee in Torn Away later this year.

Many game developers struggle finding new approaches to games taking place during World War II, but publisher Nordcurrent and game development studio Perelesoq seem to be on track to joining a handful of games that have managed to achieve such novel perspectives. Today, the companies announced their newest title, Torn Away, a game that has you experience World War II through the eyes of a child.

Torn Away Reveal Teaser Trailer

Using a colorful art style appropriate to the moods you would expect from a story based on children’s war diaries, Torn Away tells the story of Asya, a 10-year-old girl who is, as the title reveals, torn away from her family by the ravages of war. As a result, Asya becomes an Ostarbeiter, a slave worker gathered by Nazis into forced labor camps. In the game, players follow her journey and hopeful escape.

Unlike most games with a World War setting, Asya will have to survive using means other than violence. Asya must hide, sneak, and seek shelter in order to survive the treacherous trek to freedom.

“We’re proud to show Torn Away to the world, since we believe that in these difficult times, our dignity, humanity, and family are the only real things we need to hold on to,” said Artūras Surgutanovas, Head of Marketing at Nordcurrent. “Our everyday struggles differ very much from what Asya experiences, but her journey should help us understand what matters most in our lives. And we all know that, even today, children are torn from their parents, even though they’re only looking for a better place to live. We can only hope that the game will help our viewers reconsider their views on the justification of war, the problems of emigration, or the isolation of children.”

Torn Away is slated to be released for PC in late 2021 on Steam and