Tidal Basin Update Coming to The Division 2 on April 5

Tidal Basin Update Coming to The Division 2 on April 5

A Black Tusks Stronghold and World Tier 5 are coming to The Division 2 in its first major content update, Tidal Basin, on April 5.

Ubisoft and Massive have big plans for content updates to The Division 2 throughout its life cycle. It all begins now with the first of these DLC coming on April 5. The Tidal Basin update, also dubbed Invasion – Battle for D.C., will bring new challenges to SHD Agents. A Black Tusks held Stronghold will appear on the map, and World Tier 5 will unlock, presenting players with new challenges.

The Black Tusks Stronghold and World Tier 5 are aimed at players who have already maxed out their gear score in the current endgame. “Tidal Basin will allow players to earn powerful new gear by advancing to World Tier 5, and will reveal a new stronghold held by the dangerous Black Tusk faction,” says Youssef Maguid in Ubisoft’s official news post.

Among the planned content drops for The Division 2, the Tidal Basin update marks just the beginning. Following this, there will be an eight-player raid, Operation Dark Hours. Allowing eight players to team up is a first for Massive’s franchise and sets The Division 2 apart from its usual comparisons like Destiny 2 or Anthem.

Ubisoft has several further content updates planned throughout 2019, including two episodes filled with new missions and stories. While all content is free all players, owners of the Year 1 Pass will receive seven days early access.

Ubisoft and Massive have been very responsive to the, admittedly few, issues facing The Division 2. Keep an eye out for my official review of The Division 2 coming soon. It may just be the best looter shooter available right now.