Ubisoft Announces Rainbow Six World Cup Championship

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Players from around the globe will compete for the first time in the Rainbow Six World Cup next year.

During their Ubisoft Forward presentation on Thursday, Ubisoft announced the Rainbow Six World Cup. The new competition focuses on the Rainbow Six Siege esports scene, where players from over 45 countries worldwide will compete for the first time to earn the Rainbow Six World Cup trophy.

“We believe that the World Cup will be a great opportunity to celebrate the Rainbow Six Siege community, both local and worldwide, while also providing new stakes and challenges for professional players,” said François-Xavier Dénièle, Esports Director at Ubisoft.

Rainbow Six World Cup Announcement

The first ever Rainbow Six World Cup will take place during Summer 2021. To commemorate the event, Ubisoft has enlisted star athlete Tony Parker as the Rainbow Six World Cup ambassador. In this role, Parker will use his years of expertise to impart wisdom on the World Cup competitors.

“They will experience something new, and I am excited to share my experience and accompany them in that adventure as part of my role as an ambassador,” said Parker. “I have been involved in esports for the past six to seven years now, and when Ubisoft first came to me with this project, I was convinced they wanted to create something special. It will be a first for the game and I wanted to be part of it.”

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Players from 45 countries will compete throughout two stages of competition, the Qualifier Stage and the Final Stage. The Qualifiers will take place during the first half of 2021. The Finals will occur during the summer of 2021. Twenty teams will compete for a chance to take home the Rainbow Six World Cup. Fourteen countries will receive a direct invite to the Finals. The remaining countries compete to qualify for one of six remaining spots.

To find out more about the Rainbow Six World Cup competition, visit the official website. Stay tuned here for more Rainbow Six Siege updates.

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