Sugar Fright Brings Halloween Festivities to Rainbow Six Siege

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The event introduces a new game mode that allows players to respawn for the first time in Rainbow Six Siege.

This week marks the start of a new limited-time Halloween event in Rainbow Six Siege. Today, Ubisoft announced the Sugar Fright in-game event, which adds a new temporary game mode for Operators to enjoy.

Sugar Fright Halloween Event

The Sugar Fright in-game event kicks off on Tuesday, October 27, 2020 and will last for two weeks, wrapping up on November 10. With it comes a new game mode called Candy War, where players are stuck repeating the same horrid nightmare until they can collect enough candy to escape. The mode allows players to respawn upon death for the first time in Rainbow Six Siege. Candy War will also feature a brand-new custom map built for the mode.

Along with the new game mode, the Sugar Fright event also features its own Collection of 30 special customizations. This includes exclusive items for the ten playable Operators in Sugar Fright: Zofia, Capitao, IG, Nomad, Thermite, Castle, Ela, Frost, Goyo, and Pulse. You can see what the woolen puppet attire looks like in the trailer above as well as in-game when choosing these Operators in Candy War mode.

Players can purchase the cosmetic items in bundles offered for 1680 R6 Credits each. Sugar Fright packs can be earned by participating in the special event challenge or by purchasing them in-game from the home screen.

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Players have two weeks to enjoy the new game mode and Halloween festivities in Rainbow Six Siege, so be sure to check out Candy War before the Sugar Fright event ends.

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