Jon Bernthal and Bam Bam, the Dog, Introduce the Wolves

Jon Bernthal and Bam Bam, the Dog, Introduce the Wolves

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is coming out in October and Jon Bernthal brought Bam Bam, the dog, to the Ubisoft E3 stage to show off his group of bad guys.

At Ubisoft’s press briefing at E3 2019, Jon Bernthal hit the stage alongside Bam Bam, the dog, and showed off a trailer featuring the Wolves, the main antagonists in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Ubisoft also introduced the formation of a community program; Ghost Recon Delta Company.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Walker Manifesto

We already know that the Wolves are led by Jon Bernthal’s Cole D. Walker, but it’s pretty exciting to see how much the star of The Walking Dead and Punisher is into this role.

Alongside the confirmation of Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s October 4, 2019, release date, Ubisoft announced the formation of a new community program. As part of the Ghost Recon Delta Company, gamers can participate in community events, forums, streams, and make their mark on Ubisoft titles.

In fact, even before the introduction of this program, the community has caused Ubisoft to reconsider the lack of AI teammates in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. It was announced on stage that Breakpoint will indeed feature AI teammates for solo players. This is the correct move, in my opinion.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is set for a release on October 4, 2019, and you can now sign up for the beta which will begin on September 5.