Ghost Recon Breakpoint Trailer Highlights PC Features

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Ghost Recon Breakpoint aims to deliver high-end graphics and full customization options for PC players this fall.

Players looking to pick up Ghost Recon Breakpoint on PC have some special features to look forward to when the game launches later this year. Today, Ubisoft unleashed a new trailer for Ghost Recon Breakpoint that highlights several PC-focused features, including full control customization and PC optimization.

One of the main draws of PC gaming is the ability to enjoy high-end graphics and stunning visuals on a customized rig. AMD users who play Ghost Recon Breakpoint on PC get to utilize AMD’s FidelityFX technology. This tech is designed to deliver the smoothest, sharpest game visuals. The game itself will also feature Ultra Graphics Mode, 4K support, and an uncapped FPS for those who want to maximize what the game has to offer in terms of graphic fidelity.

For those who can’t watch the video, here are some of the key PC features highlighted in today’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint trailer:

  • Full PC optimization.
  • Ultra Graphics mode and a wide range of settings.
  • 4K support and uncapped FPS.
  • Full control customization.
  • Ultra-wide and multi-monitor support.
  • AMD partnership that includes their FidelityFX technology.
  • Discord partnership to provide a rich presence in their client.
  • Tobii partnership to implement gameplay and menu eye-tracking.

According to Ubisoft, the game’s hardware specifications and standalone benchmark will also be revealed at the end of August. Ghost Recon Breakpoint will launch on October 4, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The Google Stadia version will arrive when the platform launches in November 2019.

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