Thief Simulator VR is Coming to Steam Early Access

Thief Simulator VR is Coming to Steam Early Access

Ever wondered what it'd be like to break into houses, evade police, and be a thief? You can experience it when Thief Simulator VR hits early access next month.

Without having any first-hand experience, I assume there’s a fair amount of thrill associated with living the life of a thief. At least there was when 10-year old me would play cops and robbers with my friends in the park. These days, it’s a little bit weird to hide behind trees with my adult friends, but thankfully, GameBoom VR is going to let me live out that fantasy in virtual reality. Thief Simulator VR will be hitting early access on Steam in October.

Stop! Police!

Polish studio GameBoom VR’s goal with Thief Simulator VR was to recreate the original Thief Simulator game in glorious virtual reality. Owners of the original title will receive a discount towards the new purchase.

In Thief Simulator VR, you’ll experience a wide variety of illicit activities. Options for picking locks, searching for hidden keys, or just smashing a window with a crowbar are sure to result in unpredictable outcomes. Your tasks range from simple break-ins to dismantling stolen cars for parts to sell on the internet.

Here are some of the highlighted features coming to Thief Simulator VR:

  • Fully-immersive realistic mechanic in VR. Feel how it is to lock pick doors, smash everything in a house, steal cars, jump through windows, and hide in a trash can.
  • Follow a plot and pay off a debt to a mysterious family or choose by yourself which house you will rob next in this sandbox world.
  • Disassemble stolen cars, hack phones and tablets in your hideout; and sell all goods in a pawn shop or by online.
  • Buy new thief tools and gadgets that will allow you to rob wealthier people
  • Drive cars with fully implemented VR-adapted driving model and play with the car interior

Thief Simulator VR will be available in early access in October on Steam and Viveport for $15. It’s compatible with the Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, HTC Vive, and Valve Index headsets.