Weapon Pack 3 Revealed for theHunter: Call of the Wild

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Expansive Worlds introduced Weapon Pack 3 as an upcoming DLC for theHunter: Call of the Wild.

In a live stream today, three members from the Expansive Worlds development team revealed the highly anticipated Weapon Pack 3 for theHunter: Call of the Wild. This DLC will introduce players to three new weapons to use while chasing those Diamonds, including an air rifle that promises to be one of the most popular options in the game.

Weapon Pack 3

In Weapon Pack 3, Expansive Worlds has not only addressed a bit of a need with Class 3 options but also added in an air rifle, which promises to be one of the more fun options in the game when hunting Class 2 animals at shorter ranges. The full list of weapons, as well as the ammunition they’ll use, can be found in the list below:

  • Eckers .30-06 Elegance
  • Eckers .30-06 Eminence
  • Eckers .30-06 Prestige
    • .30-06 Polymer-Tip Bullet
      • Effective Range 150 Meters
      • Penetration 38
      • Expansion 11.00
      • Weapon Class 3
    • .30-06 Soft-Point Bullet
      • Effective Range 150 Meters
      • Penetration 19
      • Expansion 50
      • Weapon Class 3
  • Vasquez Cyclone .45
    • .45 Hollow-Point Air Rifle Pellet
      • Effective Range 50 Meters
      • Penetration 15
      • Expansion 70
      • Weapon Class 2
    • .45 Round Nose Air Rifle Pellet
      • Effective Range 50 Meters
      • Penetration 27
      • Expansion 6
      • Weapon Class 2
  • Andersson .22LR Defender
  • Andersson .22LR Marksman
  • Andersson .22LR Woodsman

For those wondering, the Andersson .22LR will use the pre-existing ammunition, which is why we didn’t bother to list it here. The Eckers .30-06 and Vasquez Cyclone .45 will come with their own ammunition that fits the same styles as before. One will be more expansive and feature less penetration, and one will feature more penetration and less expansion.

To see these weapons in action, watch the VOD from the Expansive Worlds Twitch channel where they took Weapon Pack 3 for a spin. It doesn’t currently have a release date, but there were hints that it would be released alongside a future update. I doubt we’ll be waiting too long.

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