Night Vision Scopes and Binoculars Headed to theHunter: Call of the Wild

Night Vision Scopes and Binoculars Headed to theHunter: Call of the Wild

Night vision scopes and binoculars are among the High-Tech Hunting Pack goodies.

Players who understand just how good theHunter: Call of the Wild is and sink their time and money into it are about to get a big treat. In a developer live stream earlier today, it was announced that the next DLC pack, called the High-Tech Hunting Pack, would bring some night vision options to those who want to hunt in the dark.

During the live stream, there were several night vision gadgets shown off, including binoculars and a scope, as well as a new bow, range-finding bow sight, and tracking arrows and bolts. That’s a lot to unpack, so we’ll start at the top and work out way down.

The night vision binoculars will also act as a range finder, but the night vision functionality cannot be shut off or turned on. If you want binoculars that work during daylight, that’s a separate gadget. The same is true for the night vision scope, which will not work well at all during the day and is only suited for hunting at night.

Perhaps more exciting to some is the addition of a new bow in the game, a new range-finding sight for that bow, and tracking arrows and bolts that will work with any bow type in the game. The new bow sight will work during the day, which should help those who struggle with bow ranges improve their hunting experiences. The tracking arrows and bolts are intended more for night hunting since they cause the bolt or arrow to blink, making tracking wounded prey easier in the dark.

While we didn’t get a release date for the High-Tech Hunting Pack, it probably won’t be long. It doesn’t normally take more than a few weeks for live streams teasing new content to reach theHunter: Call of the Wild, so I’d put money on this one making its way to the game within the month of September. Don’t go quoting me on that, but it wouldn’t shock me.