Project Rene is the Next Installment in The Sims Series

Project Rene is the Next Installment in The Sims Series

Although it's not exactly The Sims 5, Project Rene aims to evolve the series with new innovations.

Today during the Behind The Sims Summit livestream, EA announced the next installment to The Sims series, though it is not officially called The Sims 5 like many have hoped. The new game goes by the working title “Project Rene” and is “currently in its very early stages of development.” If you missed the live showcase, you can watch today’s Behind the Sims Summit broadcast in the video below.

Behind The Sims Summit Livestream

Project Rene was named for its associations with rebirth and renewal, as this represents “the team’s renewed commitment for The Sims’ bright future.” The new installment will feature improved building and decorating tools along with the ability to play collaboratively with others. “Project Rene will fundamentally evolve how Sims think and behave, how players create and customize their worlds, and innovate in entirely new ways,” explains a recent Sims news release.

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“To start, we are experimenting with creative tools, a key part of The Sims’ DNA, and taking a look at what has worked before and how we can offer more flexibility to help with building and decorating in-game.”

“The Sims has always evolved to reflect our players and their experiences, and we are building on that foundation to encourage creativity and the ability to tell meaningful stories.” Project Rene will also offer players cross-platform support across multiple supported devices, as was demonstrated during the showcase.

Head over to The Sims website for additional announcements from today’s Behind The Sims Summit. Stay tuned to Guide Stash for updates.