Tales From the Far Territory Expansion Pass Announced for The Long Dark

Tales From the Far Territory Expansion Pass Announced for The Long Dark

The first paid expansion pass for The Long Dark’s Survival Mode is expected to arrive in December.

A new expansion pass titled Tales From the Far Territory is coming to the Survival Mode of The Long Dark, developer Hinterland announced on Thursday. The expansion pass will be the first paid content for the game since its Early Access launch in 2014. Tales From the Far Territory will release as a series of six content drops over the span of 12 months.

In a recent developer diary, Hinterland outlines what players can expect from the expansion pass, including content drops and pricing details. There is also a brief teaser trailer for Tales From the Far Territory, which you can watch below.

Tales From the Far Territory Teaser

The expansion features a new region of Great Bear Island called The Far Territory. After trekking through caverns and along railways, players will reach a new hub location that connects to three more regions. The first of these three regions coming to The Long Dark is the Forsaken Airfield, which launches alongside the expansion pass. The other two regions will roll out over the 12-month campaign.

As the name suggests, the expansion also features three Tales, which are narrative-themed challenges that provide historical details on The Far Territory. The expansion will also introduce new gameplay systems to Survival Mode, including safehouse customization, complex cooking recipes, and new item variants. Although this is the first paid DLC coming to The Long Dark, Hinterland is still committed to providing free updates for the main Survival Mode as well.

Unfortunately, due to changes being made to the save system, current Survival Mode saves will not be compatible with the expansion pass update when it arrives. This applies to all players, regardless of whether they purchase the expansion pass or not. “The reason for this is that we’ve made many changes to the Save system, and the underlying architecture of the game itself, to improve, future-proof, and optimize it, and these changes mean that all “old” saves (meaning from a version of THE LONG DARK from before the Expansion Pass launch) will be incompatible with the new Save format,” explains Hinterland. Players are encouraged to finish up any Survival Mode runs prior to the release of the expansion pass.

Tales From the Far Territory will cost $19.99 USD when it launches, with a bundle option for players who already own The Long Dark. Although no release date has been announced, Hinterland says players can expect Tales From the Far Territory to arrive on Steam and Epic Games Store in December. Check out the full dev diary for more information on the upcoming expansion and other updates for The Long Dark.