Official Trailer for The Bus Takes a Drive Through Berlin

Official Trailer for The Bus Takes a Drive Through Berlin

Explore Berlin while picking up passengers in The Bus, which arrives on Steam Early Access next week.

Publisher Aerosoft and developer TML Studios have released a brand new trailer featuring new content for their upcoming bus driving simulator, The Bus. The trailer, along with a new set of screenshots, give players a preview of what’s to come when the game launches onto Steam Early Access later this month.

The Bus Official Trailer

In The Bus, players take on the role of a city bus driver in a digital recreation of Berlin. The in-game city is an authentic 1:1 representation of the real Berlin and will feature iconic landmarks and locations, such as Tiergarten park and Potsdamer Platz. The Bus will include realistic traffic simulation with AI-controlled lights, pedestrians, and fellow drivers. The game also features a full day/night cycle and dynamic weather conditions to keep drivers on their toes.

Players are not restricted to exploring Berlin solely from the driver’s seat, either. Thanks to the special Free Movement feature, players are free to exit the bus and roam about the city on foot.

The Bus will be available on PC and supports most driving wheel accessories alongside the standard mouse and keyboard setup. Prepare to get into the driver’s seat on Thursday, March 25, 2021 when The Bus releases via Steam Early Access.