Latest Patch Brings Twisted Fate to Teamfight Tactics

Latest Patch Brings Twisted Fate to Teamfight Tactics

Deal 'em. Now you can raise the stakes in Teamfight Tactics.

You can put your fate in the turn of the cards in Teamfight Tactics since the arrival of Twisted Fate. The recent 9.14 patch brought Riot’s new Autochess mode a new champion in the form of the devilish, card-dealing Twisted Fate. This marks the first new champion to be introduced to the game since it initially launched last month.

Twisted Fate is a Pirate and a Sorcerer, adding new options to both of those build paths. At two gold per champion, he will also show up pretty early in your champion pools. His ability, Pick a Card, allows him to throw a random card at enemies. A Gold Card will stun an enemy, and his Red Card will deal area of effect damage around his target. Finally, his Blue Card is potentially the most powerful, returning mana to both Twisted Fate and his allies. Anything that generates mana for the whole team is immensely powerful, as it will help all your champions use their abilities more frequently.

This is also the first official patch for the game mode, and a lot of balance changes and improvements have arrived. You can now play in Ranked Mode, something the community was instantly asking for when the mode released. Ranks go from Iron up to Challenger, which is where the nascent pro-scene resides. Quite a few tier-three champions have received buffs, making them far more impactful in the late game. This has also opened up new build paths, as the top tier champions are less clear cut than before.

Other changes include an overhaul of attack speed, how you earn items from non-competitive rounds, a new streak indicator has been added, and damage breakdowns are available each round. I’d recommend reading the full patch notes, as the changes are substantial.