Tape to Tape Hits Steam Early Access in May

Tape to Tape Hits Steam Early Access in May

Hockey fans can prepare to hit the ice on PC when Tape to Tape releases in early access next month.

Canadian independent studio Excellent Rectangle and publisher Null Games have announced that the upcoming hockey roguelite Tape to Tape is scheduled to hit the ice next month. Initially expected to launch in April, Tape To Tape will now release on PC via Steam Early Access on May 3, 2023. Fans can get ready for the game’s early access debut with a new trailer showcasing various gameplay features.   

Tape to Tape Early Access Trailer

Tape to Tape combines classic 90s-style hockey gameplay with modern mechanics that culminate into a unique roguelite hockey experience where choices matter and losing is part of the process. Players will have to construct the perfect hockey team by using losses as an opportunity for improvement. The game features a full campaign, a robust puck physics system, and dynamic character reactions from both players and goalies while out on the ice.

Tape to Tape is shaping up to be an experience unlike any other in the sports game genre. The developers have shared an early access roadmap for Tape to Tape ahead of the game’s release, stating that the game is “currently in the final phase of development and polishing.”

During early access, the developers plan on adding manual goaltenders, a fighting mode, and various other gameplay improvements, along with community-requested customization options. Additional campaign improvements including new dialogue and an opening sequence will be incorporated into Tape to Tape during early access as well. To learn more about this unique hockey adventure, head over to the official Tape to Tape Steam page, where you can also find the early access roadmap.