SteamWorld Build Announced for PC and Consoles

SteamWorld Build Announced for PC and Consoles

The upcoming city builder is expected this year and a free playable demo is available on Steam.

Today during a special broadcast on Twitch, publisher Thunderful and internal development studio The Station announced the next installment to the SteamWorld franchise, SteamWorld Build. The upcoming city builder is expected to release in 2023 for PC and consoles.

Steamworld Build Announcement Trailer

Described as Anno meets Dungeon Keeper, SteamWorld Build is a multi-level city-building game that involves constructing and managing a town while mining for resources below the town’s surface. The game has been developed on PC and consoles simultaneously and will have a user-friendly interface and gameplay mechanics for those new to the city builder genre. Here is how the game is described on its official Steam page:

“In SteamWorld Build, you must escape a dying planet by building a mining town to dig up vital long-lost technology. Meet the ever-growing needs of your citizens, trade resources and defend your mine from the creatures that lurk below.”

A free demo is currently available on Steam for those interested in trying the game out early. In celebration of the announcement, the entire SteamWorld franchise is currently on sale on Steam. Now is a good time to get into the franchise and pick up any SteamWorld titles you haven’t tried. SteamWorld Build will come to PC as well as PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch later this year.