GOG Galaxy 2.0 Update 5 Helps Organize Gaming Subscriptions

GOG Galaxy 2.0 Update 5 Helps Organize Gaming Subscriptions

Find all your subscription-based games in one place with the fifth update for GOG Galaxy 2.0.

GOG Galaxy has received its fifth update, just in time for the application to leave open beta. The update adds a new feature that allows users to manage their game subscriptions across platforms all in one place.

The GOG Galaxy application aims to consolidate multiple game libraries and friend lists from various platforms (including consoles) into one cohesive app. It’s basically a one-stop shop where PC gamers can keep track of all their digital games in one place. GOG Galaxy also merges multiple friend lists into one mega-list, eliminating the need to swap between launchers just to play with a friend.

GOG Galaxy’s new subscription management feature rounds up all the games that you have tied to a subscription service and lists them all in one location. Whether you are subscribed to UPlay+, Origin Access, Game Pass for PC, or any other digital game subscription plan, you can now view them all in a single dropdown list from within the GOG Galaxy client.

Update 5 has also added a nifty feature that allows GOG Galaxy users to organize and rearrange their games using custom sorting titles. Users can also link multiple executables and add launch parameters to any game, which benefits those who like to mod their games on PC.

The full changelog for today’s update is available within the GOG Galaxy client. Simply open the application and click the cog icon in the upper left corner. Select “Changelog” from the dropdown menu to see the full list of changes. GOG Galaxy 2.0 is currently in open beta and will reportedly launch sometime soon. Head over to the GOG Galaxy website for more information.