GOG Galaxy 2.0 Open Beta Combines All Your Launchers

GOG Galaxy 2.0 Open Beta Combines All Your Launchers

Sick of dealing with more and more game launchers? GOG Galaxy 2.0 seeks to combine them all under one central roof and you can now try it out as it enters its open beta.

It’s no secret that game launchers on PC have been multiplying like rabbits over the past few years. It seems that every major publisher is packaging their games through their launcher, and at the very least, it’s causing gamers to lose track of what they own and where their friends are. In comes GOG Galaxy 2.0, the next major release of GOG’s game launcher that up till now mainly featured DRM-free games as its main selling point. In GOG Galaxy 2.0, you can connect most other major platforms and get a single overview of all your games and your friends’ activities.

Up till now, you had to be invited into the closed beta, but as of today, all gamers can download the GOG Galaxy 2.0 open beta. I’ve been using it for months myself, and it’s a brilliant way to keep track of things. The newly launched ability to see all your friends’ status across other platforms is a welcome new addition.

“For the past few years, we’ve seen continuous fragmentation of our game collections and gaming friends lists, further proving the need for an application that unites them all,” says Piotr Karwowski, Managing Director at GOG. “And I’m sure there are even more clients and launchers on the way,” Karwowski adds. “We’re amazed and thankful for the reaction from the community to the app and taking it even further by creating integrations with 20 gaming platforms – allowing everyone to see all their games and friends in GOG GALAXY 2.0.”

While GOG Galaxy 2.0 doesn’t remove the need for other launchers, you at least have a central hub from where to organize your games, launch them, and keep track of your progress. I’m hopeful that more and more third-party app stores will be added and it sure seems like GOG is intent on adding more and more features going forward. To try our GOG Galaxy 2.0 yourself, head over to gogalaxy.com.