Ubisoft Reveals New Skull and Bones Gameplay Following Delay

Ubisoft Reveals New Skull and Bones Gameplay Following Delay

A new episode of The Deck showcases how completing Investigations can reveal new narrative details in Skull and Bones.

Today, Ubisoft released new gameplay footage for the recently delayed pirate multiplayer game Skull and Bones during a new episode of The Deck developer livestream. The gameplay arrives just days after the studio announced it had delayed the seafaring pirate game for the sixth time. You can watch the full devstream on the Ubisoft YouTube channel as well as in the video embedded below.

Skull and Bones Narrative Gameplay Devstream

While Skull and Bones is primarily a multiplayer game, there are plenty of PvE elements that give way to a richer story. Today’s devstream features an interview with the Skull and Bones Narrative Director Joel Janisse, who helps guide Skull and Bones Senior Community Director Alexis Cretton through one of the game’s various Investigations. Investigations are basically multi-step quests that players can complete to earn loot and treasure. They are also a great way to glean new information and narrative details about important characters and other factions.

The devstream also showed gameplay of what plundering an outpost looks like, along with footage of sailing the open seas and discovering treasure. The video also offers a brief look at Hawkers, who are NPC vendors that offer players various goods and services.

Although Skull and Bones is no longer arriving in March as expected, a new release date for the game is reportedly coming “very soon,” according to a recent tweet from the official Skull and Bones Twitter account. The game is expected to launch for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Ubisoft Store and Epic Games Store. Be sure to check back here for updates.