Martial Arts Game ‘Sifu’ Revealed During State of Play

Martial Arts Game ‘Sifu’ Revealed During State of Play

Sloclap’s hand-to-hand combat game will be headed to PlayStation and PC later this year.

Absolver developer Sloclap revealed their new game, Sifu, during PlayStation’s February State of Play showcase with a new trailer. The trailer, which you can watch below, features gameplay captured on PlayStation 5.

Sifu Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Born out of a passion for Kung Fu and martial arts films, Sifu is a single-player adventure that features challenging hand-to-hand combat. Players take on the role of a young Kung Fu student set on a quest for vengeance following the assassination of his family. You own a special magic pendant that allows you to be revived upon death. There’s a catch, however–with each revival, you get a little bit older. It seems the protagonist’s quest for vengeance also robs him of life.

The trailer begins with the game’s protagonist slowly preparing for a fight with a group of enemies in a hallway, harkening back to the hallway scenes from films like Oldboy and The Raid. Following a brief combat sequence, the trailer then shows a few more gameplay clips that reveal Sifu‘s focus on Pak-Mei Kung Fu. You can check out the action in the video above.

“After releasing Absolver, we chose to build on our experience creating exciting and innovative martial arts gameplay, and used everything we learned from our first game to create a 3rd person action game featuring intense Kung-Fu combat with unprecedented authenticity,” said Sloclap Marketing Manager Felix Garczynski on PlayStation Blog.

Sifu is expected to release this Fall on PS5 and PS4, as well as on PC via the Epic Games Store. Visit the Sifu website for more details and stay tuned to Guide Stash for future updates.