Civilization VI’s New Frontier Pass Comes to iOS Next Week

Civilization VI’s New Frontier Pass Comes to iOS Next Week

The New Frontier Pass comes packed with new civilizations, game modes, leaders, and more.

Today, developer Aspyr announced a new content update will be coming soon to Sid Meier’s Civilization VI on iOS. The New Frontier Pass will add new civilizations, leaders, and game modes to the iOS version of the game, along with a free update that makes cloud saves available to all players.

New Frontier Pass

The New Frontier Pass consists of six new DLC packs: the Babylon Pack, Maya & Gran Colombia Pack, Byzantium & Gaul Pack, Ethiopia Pack, Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack, and Portugal Pack. The DLC introduces eight new civilizations and nine new leaders to the iOS version of Civilization VI, making more than 50 playable leaders to choose from.

The New Frontier Pass also includes six new game modes that offer different ways to enjoy the game. New personas for Teddy Roosavelt and Catherine De Medici will also be available in the update, offering new appearances and gameplay options for those looking to lead America or France.

The New Frontier Pass will release on the App Store for Civilization VI on August 24, 2021. Alongside the New Frontier Pass comes a free update for all players that introduces cross-platform cloud saves for the iOS version for the first time. The cross-save update will allow those who own Civilization VI to access compatible save files from various devices, even while on the go.

To commemorate the upcoming launch of the New Frontier Pass on iOS, the game and in-app purchases are currently discounted for a limited time. Those interested in trying Civilization VI on iOS before buying can play the base game for free for 60 turns before purchasing it at full price, which at the moment is just $4.99 USD.