Shape-shifting Metroidvania ‘Sheepo’ Gets PC Release Date

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Explore planets and collect creatures in Sheepo when the game arrives later this month.

Indie metroidvania Sheepo will be coming to Steam later this month, according to a recent announcement. You can get a glimpse at this colorful platformer in the game’s launch trailer below.

Sheepo Launch Trailer

Created by independent developer Kyle Thompson, Sheepo is a metrodvania platformer that features a unique shape-shifting gameplay mechanic. You play as Sheepo, a sheep-like critter who is tasked with exploring an uncharted planet to collect samples its various living species. As you capture and collect unhatched creature eggs, you will gain the ability to turn into those creatures. Using the skills of various creatures to your advantage will come in handy as you continue to explore the planet.

Although Sheepo is considered a metroidvania, it doesn’t contain the standard combat of a typical metroidvania game. Instead, the game is described as a “pacifist metroidvania,” according to the website. This is mainly due to the game’s combat, or lack thereof. Rather than fighting enemies, players will use various platforming skills to maneuver and explore each landscape.

Sheepo releases on Wednesday, August 26, 2020 on Steam. The game will cost $8.99. There’s no word yet on whether the game will release on consoles. For more information, head over to the official Sheepo website.

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Sheepo (2020)
PC (Microsoft Windows)

Sheepo is a quirky metroidvania platformer featuring a shape-shifting sheep-thing, who must traverse an uncharted planet in order to collect samples of each living species for an intergalactic species database.