Play the Sea of Craft Demo During the Steam Game Festival

Play the Sea of Craft Demo During the Steam Game Festival

Build your own battle ship and explore the open ocean in the Sea of Craft open beta next week.

Physics-based sea construction game Sea of Craft is preparing to debut during the Steam Game Festival, which runs from June 9-14. According to an announcement from Wizard Games, a playable demo for Sea of Craft will be available during the week of the Steam Game Festival.

Sea of Craft Announcement

Sea of Craft adds a twist to the seafaring genre in that it allows players to construct their own battle ship using various resources. The game utilizes realistic physics, meaning that ship components will take damage independently. Players can then take their creation to the Open Sea to explore the ocean and collect valuable crafting items. Sea of Craft offers a single-player experience that involves completing challenges across various chapters.

The game supports online multiplayer and co-op battles as well. Teaming up with other players to take down opponents in online PvP sea battles can net you a hefty bounty. Sea of Craft also features a social hub called the Ship Expo. This is where players can meet other shipwrights, share their naval creations, and trade with friendly players through the Trading Floor.

Sea of Craft will enter Steam Early Access in September 2020. Until then, those who are interested in getting their hands on this unique seafaring sim can look forward to the game’s demo next week. The Sea of Craft demo will be temporarily available to play for free starting on Tuesday, June 9. The free demo will feature eight single-player chapters, 76 shipbuilding parts, and partial access to the Open Sea and Ship Expo social hub. Be sure to follow Sea of Craft on Steam and visit the Sea of Craft Discord for more details.