Rocket League Radical Summer Event Begins Tomorrow

Rocket League Radical Summer Event Begins Tomorrow

Rocket League's big summer event, Radical Summer, brings back the 80s with classic packs such as Ghostbusters and Knight Rider. It starts on June 10.

Rocket League has a long history of fun, time-limited events that bring exciting new content. This trend continues as the latest summer event, Radical Summer, launches tomorrow on June 10. As the title and accompanying graphics may give away, this is all about bringing the 80s back to life.

Rocket League Radical Summer Trailer

The Radical Summer event consists of three phases; Blockbusters, Culture, and Television. Each stage runs for three weeks and covers a different aspect of the 80s.

Starting on June 10, the Blockbusters phase will introduce new premium battle-cars, including the famous Ecto-1 car from Ghostbusters.

The Culture phase takes over on July 1 and is followed by the Television phase on July 22. I’m particularly excited for the Knight Rider car pack. What child of the 80s would not want to get their hands on K.I.T.T.?

The entire summer event is filled with new content, including time-limited game modes for each of the phases. There will be plenty of free content and items purchasable with in-game currency.

Rocket League players of all ages, but particularly those of us that remember the 80s, will no doubt have a ton of fun until the event ends on August 12.