Returnal Arrives on PC in February

Returnal Arrives on PC in February

The game will include new PC-exclusive features when it launches on PC next month.

There is now an official release date for when Housemarque’s acclaimed bullet-hell shooter Returnal will launch on PC. Announced via PlayStation Blog, Returnal will release for PC on February 15, 2023 with new and improved features exclusive to the PC version. A trailer highlighting Returnal’s new PC features is available below.

Returnal PC Features Trailer

Among the new features being added to the PC version of Returnal are NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR support. “NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR have been added, allowing you to dial up your framerate without compromising on resolution,” explains Housemarque. “NVIDIA NIS has also been added for those players who also want to see an increase in performance, but don’t have the hardware to support DLSS or FSR.”

Returnal’s ray-tracing is getting upgraded with reflections support as well. “This will make the contrast of a dark setting and neon bullets pop out even more than before.” PC players will have the option to choose between two wide-resolution formats: Ultrawide 21:9 and Super Ultrawide 32:9. Alongside Returnal’s PC debut comes 3D audio via Dolby Atmos along with “ray-traced audio” for even more immersion.

To find out more about Returnal’s upcoming launch on PC, including the Returnal PC specs, head over to the latest PlayStation Blog post.