Start Fresh With a Free Honor Reset in Red Dead Online

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Enjoy free haircuts, drinks, and other goodies in the latest update for Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Online has just received its first weekly update of 2021. To celebrate the new year, Rockstar is giving Red Dead Online players the opportunity to start fresh by resetting their Honor. The update also features several freebies and bonuses that will be available all week long.

If you’ve been looking to change things up in Red Dead Online, now is your chance for a do-over. As part of this week’s update, all Red Dead Online players will be rewarded a free Honor Reset. Changing your character’s appearance is also half price. To top it off, all barbers are offering free haircuts through January 11, 2021. After your makeover, be sure to swing by a local saloon for free drinks that are being served throughout the week.

This week’s update also brings some enticing deals for Naturalists and Collectors in Red Dead Online. Harriet Davenport will pay an extra 50% on all Naturalist Samples, while Madam Nazar will pay an extra 30% for complete Collector’s Sets.

Red Dead Online’s holiday deals don’t end there. Various items are marked down this week, including ammo, horse equipment, and revolvers. Here’s how the discounts break down:

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  • 60% off all Ammo
  • 50% off all Food, Liquors and Tonics including Harriet’s Tonics
  • 40% off Horse equipment – Saddles, Saddlebags, Stirrups, Blankets, Horns
  • 30% off all Revolvers
  • 30% off all Legendary Ram Garment Sets in Gus’ Store
  • 30% off Stable Stalls, Horse Tonics and Horse Food

The game receives weekly updates every Tuesday, so be sure to partake in this week’s bonuses while they are still available. Stay tuned for more Red Dead Online news and updates.

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