Red Dead Online Update Brings New Missions and More

Red Dead Online Update Brings New Missions and More

Red Dead Online is finally leaving beta and is bringing some massive changes with it in this update.

Rockstar Games had a rocky start with Red Dead Online, but has weathered the storm and has finally brought some much-needed features to the Red Dead world.

Red Dead Online Update

Update 1024x576 - Red Dead Online Update Brings New Missions and More


Red Dead Online is moving out of the beta phase, and Rockstar has outlined what to expect not only with this update but what the future looks like. Here is what’s coming in the Red Dead Online update.

New Co-Op Missions

The saga of Jessica LeClerk continues with new missions for both honorable and dishonorable players in A Land of Opportunities.  Players will help Mrs. LeClerk get closer to the truth behind the murder of her husband.

While honorable and dishonorable players have different paths to play through, both paths lead to a rendezvous in Blackwater with a dangerous adversary.

Free Roam Missions

Free Roam 1024x576 - Red Dead Online Update Brings New Missions and More


Familiar faces will start showing up in Free Roam Missions from the story of Red Dead Redemption 2 with new and diverse mission types. Meet up with Thomas the Skiff Captain in Bayou Nwa or with the Aberdeen Pig Farmers to get some honest work in.

Posse Versus Challenges

Three new Posse versus Challenges will be available for Posse leaders to access in the Player Menu. Partake in competitive fishing in the Biggest Fish Contest, down the most flying birds in Bird Shooting Contest, or gather the most plants in the Herb Picking Contest.

Dynamic Events and Poker

As you make your way across the frontier, keep an eye out for townsfolk and travelers in need of assistance. Players can earn XP, Honor, Cash, and even Gold for assisting those in need or preying on lone riders.

Poker is available in Red Dead Online in towns and outposts in Blackwater, Saint Denis, Tumbleweed, Valentine, and Flatneck Station.  Challenge friends in a private game of Hold’em or if you’re feeling lucky, take a seat at the public table to challenge your poker face.

Overrun Showdown Mode

Overrun Showdown 1024x576 - Red Dead Online Update Brings New Missions and More


In Overrun, players capture territory from opponents while defending what land they have taken. Whoever holds the most land at the end of Overrun Showdown Mode is declared the winner.

Lemat Revolver and Clothing

Lemat Revolver 1024x576 - Red Dead Online Update Brings New Missions and More


A brand new weapon is available to purchase from the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue called the Lemat Revolver. The Lemat Revolver has a 9-round revolving chamber and a second barrel for a single buckshot round.

Highly requested clothing items such as Ponchos and pattered Bandanas are available to purchase along with the new emotes, Throat Slit and Flip Off.

Balancing and Improvement

  • Removed Auto-Aim Headshot Tracking (Enemy Players Only): This subtle but significant change affects the way players can earn headshots against rival players. While auto-aim still tracks to the center mass of an enemy player, you will no longer be able to simply flick up on the Right Stick to gain a headshot. This makes earning headshots slightly more challenging, which in turn makes competitive gameplay such as Showdown series more rewarding and balanced.
  • Faster Weapon Swaps/Instant Projectile Lighting: We have increased the speed of weapon swaps across the board, including instant projectile lighting to make throwing fire bottles and dynamite faster.
  • Daily Challenge Updates: In response to your feedback, we’ve removed all PvP-related Daily Challenges from Free Roam and added several new Daily Challenges and Rewards, including Challenge Streaks with progressively increasing Gold rewards.
  • New Awards: Several new awards in Free Roam have been added including awards associated with the latest gameplay.
  • Global Signal Timers: Players tackling Free Roam Missions will have a bit more flexibility to operate with an increased global signal timer and a reduced range at which players are signaled.
  • Press Charges: When a lower Hostility player is killed without retaliating they will have an option to “Press Charges” during the respawn period, which will enforce an increase on their attacker’s Hostility and Bounty value. Press Charges is not available if you are a high Hostility player or marked as an enemy to the player who killed you.
  • Horse Specialty Selection: You can now use the Player Menu to preset which of your owned horses you would like to use in Free Roam, Races, Showdown Modes and on missions.
  • Increased Gold Payouts: We have adjusted the economy to increase Gold payouts across the board, with most Gold-earning activities now awarding up to double the previous amount. Starting today for a limited time, players will also receive 1 Gold Bar per rank they progress.

The Trail Ahead

Roles 1024x447 - Red Dead Online Update Brings New Missions and More


With a clearer picture of content coming to Red Dead Online, Rockstar Games has mapped out what the future looks like. Starting May 28, 2019, Head For the Hills Showdown Mode, Wild Animal Kill Competitive Free Roam Challenge and more will be added to the list of current modes to play.

June 4th, 2019, the Public Enemy Showdown Mode and Railroad Baron Free Roam Event, where players catch cars on a moving train will be available. June 11, 2019, the Sport of Kings Showdown Mode, plus a limited-time and permanent clothing additions will be available to purchase.

Also starting this summer the first of three of a series of new roles will be available for players to choose and can earn new outfits, weapons, and other rewards that are tied to each role. The roles coming to Red Dead Online are:

  • Bounty Hunter: Track down wanted criminals.
  • Collector: Search the world for treasure, and other exotic items.
  • Trader: Build a business at a camp.

Players can focus on one role to advance quickly through it or progress through multiple roles. However you decide to progress through the roles will depend on your style of play.

It is an exciting time to get back into the world of Red Dead Online for those who have been away for so long with so many features being added and a clearer picture of what is to come.