Red Dead Online: Blood Money Update Brings Train Robberies, Crime Contracts, and More

Red Dead Online: Blood Money Update Brings Train Robberies, Crime Contracts, and More

Live out your criminal fantasies in Blood Money, the newest major update to hit Red Dead Online.

The Blood Money update has arrived in Red Dead Online, introducing a slew of new “lawless activities” for players to partake in, including shakedowns and the game’s first train robbery. Multi-part Crime Contracts and bigger Opportunities are available as well. If you’re looking to enhance your criminal capabilities in Red Dead Online, then read on to see what the Blood Money update has to offer.

Red Dead Online: Blood Money Update Now Available

In Red Dead Online: Blood Money, players will meet with Guido Martelli, assistant to mob boss Angelo Bronte. Tasked with recovering a special commodity called Capitale, players will take on various Crime Contracts and Opportunities as they come up in Blood Money. Three new multi-part Crime Contracts are available: The Railroad Contract, The Jeb Phelps Contract, and The Bluewater Contract. Additional Homestead and Camp Robberies are also available.

The update also brings the Hired Gun Kit to Red Dead Online. Players can get the special kit from the Fence after talking with Martelli. The kit includes bundles of ammo, consumables, the new Fierro Bandana, and additional Capitale to be used in the update’s new Opportunities.

Join the Quick Draw Club

Alongside the Blood Money update, Rockstar is introducing the first pass of the new Quick Draw Club to Red Dead Online. The Quick Draw Club is a battle pass of sorts that is aimed toward Red Dead Online‘s criminal underbelly and consists of “rapid-fire passes in consecutive installments” that will release throughout the coming months. Members of the Quick Draw Club can earn various rewards and unlockable in-game items. Each pass costs 25 Gold Bars and consists of 25 Ranks, and members can earn back their gold by achieving Rank 25. You can learn more about the Quick Draw Club in this Newswire post.

As part of the Blood Money update, both Red Dead Online and Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC will feature NVIDIA DLSS support for all Windows users with eligible graphics cards. To learn more about the Red Dead Online: Blood Money update and everything it entails, check out the latest Newswire post on Rockstar’s website. More Crime Contracts and Opportunities are coming to Red Dead Online in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned for updates.