New Legendary Bounty and Scary Masks in Red Dead Online

New Legendary Bounty and Scary Masks in Red Dead Online

Head into Red Dead Online this week to pursue the Legendary Bounty, Philip Carlier, and get your hands on some frightening Halloween masks.

Another week, another round of new activities to pursue in Red Dead Online. Rockstar Games has unveiled this week’s Legendary Bounty along with a bevy of rewards, including some especially frightening looking masks.

Legendary Bounty: Philip Carlier

Law offices across the West have requested the immediate apprehension of Philip Carlier, wanted for embezzlement, and the murder of a fellow employee of the Lemoyne Trading Company. Since the killing two years ago, Carlier has lived alone, on the fringes, in the swamps of Lagras. It is said that this isolation, combined with a taste for dissociative chemicals, has twisted the middle-aged murderer’s mind. This Legendary Bounty is considered extremely volatile and should only be approached by the most resolute of bounty hunters.

Pick up Philip Carlier’s wanted poster at any sheriff’s office to begin the pursuit and revisit the Bounty Board after a brief period to replay the mission at an increased difficulty.

Seasonal Offerings and Bonuses

Red Dead Online Masks 2 1024x576 - New Legendary Bounty and Scary Masks in Red Dead Online


It’s almost Halloween, and while rumors of zombies and various undead continue to swirl in Red Dead Online, players can start the task of assembling their horrific costumes now. An essential part of any outfit is an appropriately scary mask, and there are several up for grabs this week. Madam Nazar has obtained a smattering of masks that are sure to delight and terrify in equal measure. For a limited time only, she is offering masks for those indulging in the season – ranging from the horrifying Freak Mask to the macabre Swine Mask.

Additionally, players who are in any of the three Specialist Roles will get a free mask. Licensed Bounty Hunters will receive an exclusive variant of the Creature Mask; Traders will receive an exclusive Swine Mask; while Collectors receive an exclusive Masquerade Mask.

Collectors looking to cash in on Madam Nazar’s Weekly Collectible List can deliver the Cheaters Suit by tracking down the Queen of Wands, King of Cups, and Ace of Pentacles before October 29. For a full list of weekly bonuses and benefits, check out the Rockstar Games Newswire.