Naturalists and Legendary Animals Have Arrived in Red Dead Online

Naturalists and Legendary Animals Have Arrived in Red Dead Online

Players can also pick up the Outlaw Pass No. 3 for a limited time.

The latest Red Dead Online update has brought a slew of new features to the game, including a new Frontier Pursuit as well as new weapons, gear, and animal types. New discounts and rewards are also available. Continue reading below to find out about all the fresh content in Red Dead Online.

The Naturalist

Today’s update introduces the Naturalist Frontier Pursuit role in Red Dead Online. In this role, players are tasked with tracking, studying, and hunting various animals throughout the frontier.

As a Naturalist, you must decide how you wish to use your animal findings. There are two new NPCs looking to reward you for your efforts: Harriet Davenport, a conservationist looking to obtain animal samples, and Gus Macmilllan, a hunter who will compensate you for bringing him animal hides. The two have conflicting values, so you can’t pursue rewards from both. Hunting game for Gus will draw ire from Harriet, who will see you as a poacher. You can meet both characters in the town of Strawberry.

Legendary Animals

The more animals you discover, the more you can develop your Animal Field Guide. Over time, this will unlock various new items, skills, and activities. These include special Naturalist-focused horse breeds, tonic recipes, clothing, and accessories. Legendary Animals have also made their debut in Red Dead Online as part of the latest update. Legendary Animals can be found in both Free Roam mode and via Animal Sighting assignments from Harriet.

Free Roam Events

Two new animal-based Free Roam events are available for Naturalists in Red Dead Online. The first is Legendary Animal Protection, which involves protecting Legendary Animals from poachers. The other is Wild Animal Tagging. This involves cooperating with other players to sedate and tag certain types of animals for the sake of acquiring samples.

The Outlaw Pass No. 3

The latest update also introduces the third Outlaw Pass to Red Dead Online. The Outlaw Pass is essentially a season pass that features various rewards for players to unlock throughout the game. The Outlaw Pass No. 3 includes 40 Gold Bars as well as new outfits, weapon modifications, camp upgrades, XP boosts, and more across 80 ranks. The Outlaw Pass No. 3 will be available until October 18. Visit the Club Rewards website for further details.

Until August 3, all Naturalists will earn double the rewards for Tier 3 Legendary Animal Samples and Whole Carcass Sales. The update also features new bonuses, rewards, and discounts. Here’s a brief list of what’s in store:

  • Offer for 30% off any Novice or Promising Item in the Naturalist Role
  • Reward for 2,000 Naturalist XP
  • Free Sedative Varmint Cartridges
  • Free Legendary Animal Pheromone
  • Offer for 30% off a Revolver
  • Reward for a Free Ability Card

With Naturalists making their debut on the frontier, you may want to check out some of our animal location guides for tips on tracking down these elusive creatures. For more on the latest Red Dead Online update, head over to the official website.