Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Release Date Announced

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Release Date Announced

A new trailer has revealed the release date for the upcoming Rebel Galaxy Outlaw prequel.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw will launch on the Epic Games Store in August, according to a witty announcement trailer from developer Double Damage Games. The release date announcement trailer for Rebel Galaxy Outlaw features a snarky alien who begrudgingly delivers a newscast to inform players of the game’s upcoming launch. The game heads to PC first via the Epic Games Store, with Steam to follow 12 months later. Console versions are planned for the future as well. You can watch the full release date announcement trailer in the video below.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Release Date

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw will release for PC on August 13, 2019 for $29.99. The game is a prequel to the open-world space adventure Rebel Galaxy from 2015. This time, you’ll get to play from the cockpit perspective, rather than having a more distant external camera. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is a single-player, space combat simulation that features a huge open world, engaging space battles, and over 24 hours of music.

In Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, you play as Juno Markev, a space outlaw and smuggler whose life takes a turn for the worse after her husband was killed during a shipping run. During her quest for revenge, Markev runs into another string of bad luck that leads to her ship being destroyed. She must now work to pay back her debts in a “blue-collar world of outlaws, truckers, cops, and thieves.”

Pre-orders are available now for Rebel Galaxy Outlaw on the Epic Games Store, and the game will hit Steam one year later in August 2020. PS4 and Switch versions will be available at a later date. Head over to the official Rebel Galaxy Outlaw website for details.