Railroad Corporation’s Volatile Markets DLC Now Available

Railroad Corporation’s Volatile Markets DLC Now Available

New challenges and exclusive achievements await in the newly released Volatile Markets DLC.

A new update is available for railroad tycoon simulation game Railroad Corporation. Indie developer Corbie Games and publisher Iceberg Interactive announced the release of the Volatile Markets DLC today, which is now available on Steam. A new update for Railroad Corporation also arrived alongside the DLC, applying several fixes to the game.

Volatile Markets DLC Out Now

Railroad Corporation Volatile Markets DLC 01 1024x576 - Railroad Corporation's Volatile Markets DLC Now Available


The Volatile Markets DLC presents a new challenge for railroad tycoons. Rich investors have funded several new projects in the area and are looking for help. Players are tasked with getting the investors the resources they need and will be compensated for successful deliveries. “However, it is important to remember that it’s a free market,” said the developers on Steam. “Prices for raw materials and finished products are constantly fluctuating, so you will need to plan accordingly, and adapt on the fly.”

Although players can brave the challenges of Volatile Markets alone, you may want to find a business partner for this one. Luckily, Railroad Corporation supports co-op mode as well, meaning players can join a friend to tackle the Volatile Markets DLC together as a team.

The Volatile Markets DLC is available on Steam as an add-on for Railroad Corporation and thus requires the base game to play. Originally priced at $4.99, the Volatile Markets DLC is currently available at a 10% discount. The promotional discount ends on March 29, 2021.