Railroad Corporation Gameplay and Release Date Announced

Railroad Corporation Gameplay and Release Date Announced

The railroad pioneering Railroad Corporation is steaming ahead to a May 27th release date and we've got some brand new game footage for you.

Railroad Corporation, the indie simulation game that asks you to relive the pioneer days of railroad construction, has received new gameplay footage and an official release date. Corbie Games plans to release Railroad Corporation on Steam on May 27th.

“Relive the pioneering spirit of the Golden Age of Steam by establishing your own railroad empire across 19th Century North America. Race against time to bring settlements together, produce and trade goods and develop new technologies,” reads the official Steam Store description of Railroad Corporation.

Gameplay Reveal Trailer

The above gameplay footage of Railroad Corporation aims to give potential players an overview of what to expect. A partial list of available features that are shown include:

  • A wide selection of trains: Choose from a variety of different and historically-accurate locomotives, depending on their maximum pulling mass, speed, and mileage, along with their respective upkeep cost.
  • Geographical impact: Get an idea on how soil type, elevation and geographical features such as rivers can impact your railroad construction.
  • Realistic Missions: Explore the extensive and historically accurate 19th-century missions.
  • Diverse Companies: Begin working for a company on your journey towards running your own corporation.
  • Fierce Competition: Learn how the stock market influences the value of your and your competitor’s companies.
  • Multiplayer mode: Compete against other players in the quest towards building the most successful railroad corporation.

Railroad Corporation’s May 27th release date is an early access release. Corbie Games plans to gather feedback from early adopters and allow them to shape the development throughout the year. In addition to strategy and tycoon gameplay mechanics, full multiplayer support is also expected. A final release is planned for later this year.

You can now wishlist Railroad Corporation on Steam.