Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Now Available in Early Access on Steam

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Now Available in Early Access on Steam

Co-op multiplayer will be added later this year, according to the development roadmap.

Simulation fans looking to live out their dreams of being a cop can now do so in Police Simulator: Patrol Officers, the latest project from Munich-based game studio Aesir Interactive. The game is now available in early access on Steam. Check out the new launch trailer below for a look at what Police Simulator: Patrol Officers has to offer.

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Release Trailer

In Police Simulator: Patrol Officers, players take up the badge and patrol the streets as a police officer in a fictional U.S. city named Brighton. As players complete shifts and patrols, more neighborhoods will become available to patrol along with new tasks and equipment.

Alongside issuing the usual parking citations and moving violations, players are responsible for responding to traffic accidents and emergency situations as well. Police Simulator: Patrol Officers features a dynamic traffic system that simulates the organic flow of traffic. Players will need to stay on their toes to react to and resolve various situations throughout the streets of Brighton.

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers is in early access, which means the game is still in development and will change over time. The developers encourage players to offer their feedback on the game during its time in Steam Early Access. As such, the team has released a roadmap featuring information on future game content for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers, as well as a voting function that allows players to vote for desired features.

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers is available on Steam for $24.99 and is currently on sale for ten percent off. Head over to the official website for further details.