Pokémon GO Community Day For May

Pokémon GO Community Day For May

Niantic is bringing the heat for this Pokémon GO Community Day for May. Get ready for Torchic and its shiny variant during this event.

The Pokémon GO Community Day for May is going to be a hot one. Starting May 19, 2019, you will be able to catch the Fire-type Pokémon Torchic along with its Shiny Variant as well.

Torchic is one of the three starter Pokémon from the Hoenn region and was introduced in the Third Generation of the Pokémon series. Torchic is the third Fire-type Pokémon to be featured for a Pokémon GO Community Day.

A fun fact for those fans of the Pokémon cartoon series. Torchic was the very first Pokémon that May started with in the Hoenn Region making this Pokémon GO Community Day more special.

Pokémon GO Community Day For May

Shiny Torchic - Pokémon GO Community Day For May


The additional bonuses that will take place during this Pokémon GO Community Day are of course three-hour Lures and three times the Stardust for each catch. Now is a great time to use Star Pieces to gain even more.

The Shiny Variant of Torchic will also be seen during the event as well and can be easily identified due to its golden color. Evolve Torchic into Combusken for 25 Torchic Candy and finally into Blaziken for 100 Torchic Candy. Once you evolve Torchic into Combusken, it will become a dual Fire and Fighting-type Pokémon.

Blaziken will know a move that it usually doesn’t know during this Pokémon GO Community Event as well, but that has not been released yet. If Niantic sticks to the fire move from past Pokémon GO Community Days, Blaziken will know Blast Burn. Once it is known, we will be sure to update this as soon as it is announced. This Pokémon GO Community Event will be so hot, you’ll need to cool down. Pokémon GO Community day will start at 3:00 p.m. local time.

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