Two New Characters Coming to PvZ: Battle for Neighborville

Two New Characters Coming to PvZ: Battle for Neighborville

New plant and zombie characters are moving in to Neighborville this September.

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville will be getting some new content over the next couple months, including new characters for each side. A recent tweet from the official Plants vs. Zombies Twitter has revealed that two new characters are on their way to Neighborville in September.

The tweet features an image of the game’s content calendar, which details Neighborville’s upcoming festival content. As part of the Fall Festival in September, two new characters are being added: the TV Head zombie and the Wildflower plant. Both characters will arrive in late September, according to the calendar.

At first, it seems unclear whether this is referring to new playable characters. However, both the Wildflower and the TV Head already exist as spawnable AI in Neighborville. In a reply to the calendar tweet, the game’s lead multiplayer designer, who goes by “EA_PvZ_Mario” on Twitter, also confirmed that these are in fact going to be playable characters.

We don’t know much about these new characters just yet. However, since they are based on AI characters that already exist in the game, we can infer that the playable versions will be quite similar. Both the Wildflower and TV Head are offensive spawnables that use ranged attacks. It’s probably safe to assume the playable versions will have ranged attacks as well, though there’s really no telling what sort of abilities they will have. We will have to wait until the Fall Festival to find out.

Aside from the new characters, a new private play mode will be available next month as part of the Summer DayZ Festival. Private mode has been a long time coming for Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. It should be interesting to see what sort of crazy settings, if any, will be available this time around.

The new characters are headed to Neighborville in late September. Until then, players still have some time to unlock prizes on the current Summer Nights prize map. This includes the legendary upgrade for Super Brainz, the Brainium Basher 9001. Stay tuned for more Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville updates!