Springening Has Sprung in PvZ: Battle for Neighborville

New Legendary costumes are up for grabs during April’s Springening Festival in Plants vs. Zombies Battle for Neighborville.

It’s officially April (or is it March 32nd?), which means Springening has arrived in Plants vs. Zombies Battle for Neighborville. Today marks the start of this new in-game festival, which brings with it a brand new prize map and an Easter-themed Giddy Park.

Springening Prize Map Rewards

This month, Neighborville players can earn  Prize Bulbs to unlock a variety of new costumes, emotes, and other cosmetic items found on the April prize map. There are three Legendary items up for grabs, including two costumes and an upgrade for Rose. About halfway through the map, players can also snag the Common Hot Dog costume for 80s Action Hero.

The Legendary Celestial Beauty costume for Rose is the big prize awaiting players at the end of the map, along with a new Rose upgrade. The Thorn Apart upgrade, which allows Rose to gain Thorn Apart ammo by using abilities, can be used with any outfit and is not limited to the Celestial Beauty costume. Players who unlock every prize on the map will earn Rose’s Legendary Astral Perfection costume.

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Upcoming Festivals

PopCap has also given players an early look at the upcoming festival content for PvZ: Battle for Neighborville. In May, players can celebrate the anniversary of the original Plants vs. Zombies game during the Birthdayz Festival, which will feature a new Legendary upgrade for the Scientist. After that, the Garden Party Festival will mark the start of summer, introducing a new Lost and Found event for players to enjoy.

The Springening Festival is currently underway in PvZ: Battle for Neighborville and will be available through the end of April. Be sure to check back here for more Neighborville updates!