Planet Zoo: South America Pack DLC is Coming Soon

Planet Zoo: South America Pack DLC is Coming Soon

Change up your scenery and tend to new animals in the Planet Zoo: South America Pack DLC.

Planet Zoo is lined up to receive its second set of DLC next week. The South America Pack is headed to Planet Zoo on Tuesday, April 7. The DLC arrives alongside Update 1.2, which contains various fixes and gameplay improvements. You can get an early look at the tropical new DLC in the announcement trailer below.

The South America Pack introduces five new animals to Planet Zoo: the Jaguar, Llama, Capuchin Monkey, Red-Eyed Tree Frog, and Giant Anteater. Like all animals, the new additions each have their own habitat requirements and care needs. The DLC also adds more than 250 new pieces of scenery to the game, many of which are inspired by the foliage and architecture found in South America.

That same day, players can look forward to the free Update 1.2 for Planet Zoo, which features game improvements based on player feedback. In the update, the developers at Frontier will unleash the Genealogy UI, which allows you to view the family bloodlines of each animal. Being able to track an animal’s family ties should help prevent unwanted inbreeding in your zoo.

The update will also introduce three new difficulty settings to the game. The difficulty setting will affect various aspects of zoo maintenance, including how quickly animals become stressed and how much money guests will spend at the zoo. Loads of other changes are coming in Update 1.2, so be sure to review the full Update 1.2 patch notes for details.

If you’re looking to add more exotic animals and tropical plants to your life, then you’ll want to pick up the South America Pack when it releases for Planet Zoo next week. The DLC costs $9.99 and will be available on Steam on April 7.