Make Waves in Planet Zoo’s Upcoming Aquatic Pack DLC

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The upcoming expansion adds otters, penguins, and other aquatic animals to Planet Zoo.

Frontier Developments has recently announced the Planet Zoo: Aquatic Pack, a new expansion that will add an assortment of marine animals and scenery to the zoo simulation. The Aquatic Pack will release next week alongside Update 1.4, the next free content update for Planet Zoo.

Planet Zoo: Aquatic Pack Trailer

The Aquatic Pack will introduce five new water-dwelling animals to Planet Zoo, including the Giant Otter and King Penguin. The DLC also features an assortment of new aquatic foliage, scenery, construction pieces, and blueprints to help you create the optimal conditions for your new zoo inhabitants.

The upcoming DLC will also feature a new timed challenge where players are tasked with managing a unique water-themed zoo set in Oregon, USA. The location offers various challenges for players to overcome, such as varying elevations and spatial restrictions.

The Aquatic Pack releases alongside Update 1.4 next week. The update, which is free to all Planet Zoo owners, will add new foliage and enrichment items to the game, as well as the ability to educate guests about animals through Animal Talks. The update also introduces a brand new timed scenario that sends players to the Philippines, where a new zoo adventure awaits.

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Both the Planet Zoo: Aquatic Pack and Update 1.4 will launch on December 8, 2020. Like most of the previous DLC packs for Planet Zoo, the Aquatic Pack will be available on Steam for $9.99. You can find the full patch notes for Update 1.4 over on the Planet Zoo website.

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