Strategy Adventure RPG Pathway Set for April 11 Release

Strategy Adventure RPG Pathway Set for April 11 Release

Step into the 1930s desert to fight Nazis in Pathway, the strategy adventure RPG that reminds us of the classic Indiana Jones games.

Many many years ago, there was a game developer called LucasArts that made point-and-click adventure games starring Indiana Jones. Between the 1980s and 2000s, these type of games were at their most popular. Now, Robotality and Chucklefish Games are about to release Pathway, a strategy adventure game with RPG elements that reminds me of those glory days. Pathway is launching on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux on April 11.

What is Pathway?

Pathway is set in 1936, during a time where the Nazis are up to all kinds of no good. Your team of adventurers heads to Northern Africa in search of mysterious artifacts, secrets expeditions, and the inevitable conflict.

“It’s up to you to assemble a team of bold adventurers, and journey through the deserts, explore bunkers, and temples of Northern Africa to discover their hidden treasures and secrets before they fall into the hands of Nazi forces. You and your companions must work together to overcome overwhelming odds – the fate of the world depends on it,” reads the official blub on Pathway‘s Steam Store page.

gif01 - Strategy Adventure RPG Pathway Set for April 11 Release

Your party gathered in a desert temple.

Pathway is more than just an adventure mashup with turn-based combat, ala XCom. You can build your team from 16 unlockable characters, all with their own unique skills and traits. A list of highlighted features is below.

  • Discover 5 different campaigns of varying difficulty, with each and every attempt generating a new web of encounters and unique storyline.
  • Every explored location presents you with one of over 400 hand-crafted story events.
  • Use cover and positioning in exciting turn-based squad combat. Learn to make the best use of your equipment and your team’s abilities, to vanquish a relentless foe, in ruthless and clever ways.
  • Each of Pathway’s 16 unlockable characters has their own skills, weaknesses, and quirks, from the almighty melee strength of Brunhilda, to rifle expert daredevil Jackson, and knife-wielding huntress Shani.

Pathway is now available to add to your wishlist on Steam and will release on April 11 for a price of USD 15.99.